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Terea Fusion Menthol

Terea Fusion Menthol: If you are looking for a milder taste than that of regular menthol cigarettes, Terea Fusion Menthol is what you need. This type of menthol is made by using the highest-quality ingredients. The menthol content of this product is 10 percent. This means that the amount of menthol used is 1/10th of that used in regular cigarettes. Terea Fusion Menthol is perfect for people who like a mild cigarette, but it has a great flavor and aroma. This type of cigarette gives you a nice sensation that leaves a mild tingle in your mouth. Taste Terea Fusion Menthol: A flavor belonging to the menthol category, it comes in the form of an apple pear citrus taste. Each pack contains 20 FIIT tobacco sticks, single carton contains 10 packs of Fiit (200 tobacco sticks).